ICT Consultancy

IT solutions must add value to your business or organisation. At Simplex Systems, our highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants will keenly study your organisation model. Based on this knowledge, they will advise you on the software solutions that best add value to your business, either through investing in new solutions, improving IT architecture or usability, or by creating a better integration between the existing software solutions in your business.

We offer IT consultancy services in;

  • 01

    ICT feasibility Study

  • 02

    System Effectiveness review-Audit

  • 03

    Information System Planning and Implementation

  • 04

    ICT project Management

  • 05

    software development

  • 06

    ERP implementation

With these services you will get the benefit of: Better decision-making, increased manufacturing productivity, improved customer service, greater collaboration, and improved financial performance.